Day One: The voice inside my head

Many times I have heard the voice inside my head and done one of three things, ignored it, argued with it or believed it.  What is the voice inside my head and what does it represent?  I’ve decided to do some self discovery and find out. In writing about my experience, I hope to understand the voice inside my head and figure out how to give this voice a rest. Do you want to give the voice inside your head a rest?

BREN_0102What are some of the thoughts that produce the voice inside my head? Right now, I am hearing the voice create say what I should right next.  This is very helpful when I don’t want to say it out loud. Other times, the voice has been a distractor to what I was doing. For example, I was reading a book the other day and then I started to hear a voice in my head,  “You should check your email” or “You should look at job positions to see what you qualify to do” or “Those dishes aren’t going to wash themselves”. The voice was distracting me from what I really wanted to focus on. I recognize the voice because it is saying things that I am familiar with.  The voice has repeat phrases of the past. In some dark moments, the voice says “You can’t do that”, “You’re not good enough” “What were you thinking?” I have decided to journal some of the phrases that I hear the voice say and see if there are patterns that emerge.  I can explore and determine if this voice is truly me or not. Do you see patterns for the voice in your head?

One thing I know for sure, the voice makes me feel better or worse depending on what’s happening at the time.  If I am seeing a beautiful sunrise, the voice says “That is so beautiful, I am so happy” and this seems to match my emotion.  As I step out the door in 20 degree weather, I can hear the voice say “It’s cold” and then I will talk to the voice and say “Only a few more steps to the car and I’ll get my heater going”.  So, I can talk to the voice inside my head to feel better. Sometimes the voice says “Typical, you lost your job” “You’ll never be good enough” and then I picture people or instances that support the voice and I don’t argue with the voice.  As a result, I feel depressed and it takes me a while to find happiness again.

The commotion that the voice causes definitely produces problems in my life.  The problems are distraction, fear, and depression. I need to explore these problems and find a solution. By reading my blog, you will get to share my journey of figuring out how to rest the voice inside my head.

What voices do you hear?  Are they the same as mine?  Do you argue with yourself?  Is the voice really you? I’d love to hear your opinion.