The Best Ways To Use Customer Service As A Super Power For Your Business.


There has been a drop in overall customer satisfaction for customer service in the last few years. If your business gets customer service right, this is the perfect time to boost customer loyalty for your brand.  Is customer service worth the investment? Can your company use it as a super power just like Superman did to save Lois Lane? Of course, here’s how to get started.

Watch out for the Kryptonite! The most important action you can take is to evaluate your current customer service. Understand what is holding your company down. This is no simple task but important to determine if your investment in customer service as your super power is working. Tweet this! You can pick different types of surveys to evaluate your current state. You will need to evaluate all current channels of communication which can include phone, email, chat and social platforms.

Use your Super Human Strength! Live chat has grown in popularity as a channel customers want to use in order to get their issues resolved. Companies in general have not kept up with this trend. Smaller companies (1-49) employees have a more difficult time keeping up with chat requests whereas big companies (50+) employees are able to better manage it.  The best way to manage Live Chat is to find out what your most frequently asked questions are and implement a chat bot to help with those questions. Your agents can focus on more complicated questions. You need to have a strong system in place to field questions and answer them intelligently and quickly every time. If you are not able to have a live agent available 24/7, build a chat bot with Bot Engine . See what your customers need 24/7. You can track issues and determine if it’s necessary to have a live customer service professional available. Strength in your Live Chat customer service is essential to position your customer service above the competition. Tweet this!

User your fast flying power! Response time is key to enhancing your super power in customer service. Tweet this! The best response time is in the Philippines with an average response time of 27 seconds. Can your company do that? This is a major superpower in the world of customer service. Customers love quick, answers to their questions.

Use your X-Ray vision! Reducing the contact rate overall is another key to your superpower. Knowing what your customer will ask about and providing self service options will keep your customers happy and reduce costs. Reducing the contact rate also involves taking the time with a customer to answer their question or give a solution to their problem on the first contact. Instead of rushing through the issue, customer service professionals should take pride in serving the customer on the first contact. Watch this interesting video about how the hire the right kind of people to solve customer problems.

Use your Enhanced Hearing at all times! It’s so important to listen, listen, listen to your customer. Every customer will tell you something valuable about your business and how it can be improved. Are you recording phone calls?  Do you have transcripts of live chats that you can evaluate? Do you speak to customers directly and hear what they have to say.

Use your Heat Ray vision to burn out the competition.  Laser off the wrong customers. Find the customers who you cannot meet their needs or expectations and refer them to someone who can. You want these customers to be satisfied, even if you can’t provide what they need. Protect your loyal customers by enhancing their experiences. Go that extra mile to make your customers feel special. Include your customers in your vision because your loyal customers want to feel like they are a part of you. Tweet this!

After you have explored and practiced your superpowers, you may even discover some super powers you didn’t know you had. I’d love to hear about what superpowers you used to make your customers come back for more.