11 Remarkable Ways To Keep Momentum As A Word You Live By


We’ve all been there. Plans fall through. Promises aren’t kept. Most promises are well intended but how do we keep those commitments? Momentum is the powerful force that can keep us on the right track for the long term. Momentum is a word we should live by to keep us advancing forward. Physics describes momentum as the quantity of motion of a moving body, measured as a product of its mass and velocity.  Watch this momentum video to learn more. How much momentum do you have? How are you able to increase momentum?  Here are 11 ways to keep momentum in your life:

    1. Create a vision of your success. Define success for yourself, write it down and look at it every day. There is a solidifying effect of writing your vision down and seeing it on a daily basis as a reminder of where you are headed. Tweet this
    2. Decide on a BIG goal and write it down. When you write down goals, even if they seem too BIG and far from completion, this allows you to gain momentum towards it. Pick one and start writing.
    3. Recharge your energy. Allow yourself to recharge by doing something you enjoy for a while. Read a book. Watch a movie. Listen to music. Or you can do what I did recently and talk a long walk along the beach.  Recharging is essential to keep up your momentum.
    4. Be courageously focused.  Our fears allow us to procrastinate and put things off. Business race Identify one task that must be done and focus on it until it is done. Tweet this.
    5. Reduce negativity in your life. Do you have friends that consistently doubt you? Do you have people around you that complain about everything? Notice the negativity and reduce it.  Negativity slows down our momentum.
    6. Learn from your mistakes and don’t be afraid to fail.  We all fail sometimes. The best way to keep momentum is to learn from your mistakes and do things differently next time.
    7. Create mentors for yourself. Mentors should be people who will support you in achieving success and your goals. These people should be all different age ranges and have a variety of perspectives and experience.
    8. Maximize your time. Do you feel like you don’t have enough time to do the things you need to do? You might find it helpful to track your time for a few weeks to see where it is being spent. Toggl is a free tool that can help with this. Once you see where your time is going, get creative and figure out ways to eliminate small tasks.
    9. Highlight the small wins. When you complete a task that required your full concentration, reward yourself with something that you enjoy. Never dismiss a small win because this will keep your momentum going to complete the BIG goal.
    10. Allow evolution to take place. When momentum towards your success is really going strong, look around you. Notice connections, clues and opportunities that are around you. Be aware of shifts and changes in your environment.  Any change in one or two variables might affect your momentum. Flexibility is the key to evolving with momentum. Tweet this.
    11. Create a strong commitment. You are the only one who can be committed to your own success in achieving your goals.  Decide today that you will be committed to achieving your goal and don’t give up. It a conscious choice to keep up that momentum.


Momentum is mass in motion. This mass in motion should be unstoppable. Tweet this. How will you create momentum so that no one will be able to keep you from success?  Join me for a Twitter chat on Sunday at 8:00 pm CST called #WordsToLiveBy because we will be chatting about momentum and learn more about how to keep it in our lives.