Wonderful post on how to turn exhaustion into personal fuel.

Creating Six Degrees

Most overachievers have questioned their ability to take it all on. It doesn’t matter whether you are the president of a family-owned business or a Fortune 500 company. Suddenly, you begin to wonder if you really have the right stuff to stay focused under pressure and produce effective results. Someone might have said you look tired or you may have been sick. Although life is going well, others question your ability to keep up the pace and warn you of the inevitable toll your drive will take on your body and your life.

Doubt enters your mind and you wonder if others are right. Could this be the breaking point? The point where the threat of exhaustion convinces you to cut back on your dreams and settle for what you have accomplished? Toxic fumes from the exhaustion of others are trying to contaminate your performance by fueling any insecurity you…

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