So you want to go viral on Twitter? 9 Best Tips Collected From My Twitter Followers.

Hello to San Francisco!So you want to go viral on Twitter. I found that going viral on Twitter has a different meaning for me.  I want my Twitter relationships to go viral. I value the relationships with the close to 5,000 Twitter followers. I would not trade that for having a post go viral. My account was open in 2016 and I had 5 followers at the time. I didn’t understand Twitter, how to tweet or why I should. Once I practiced social media the way it was intended by connecting and establishing relationships, I started to realize how much I can learn from others. I’m going to give you 9 of the best lessons learned from my Twitter followers:

  1. Find people to follow that bring you value. Whether it is an inspirational quote or an article about how to make goat cheese, if you like it, retweet it, comment on what you liked about it, and thank them for sharing it. Do this on a daily basis and you will get more followers.
  2. Don’t send automated Direct Messages (DM): This happens when you follow someone and you immediately get a direct message from them. When this happened to me for the first time, I got so thrilled thinking someone was going to connect with me but alas, it was an advertisement.  After the first 10, I started to get annoyed.  You should use direct messaging to connect with people in a personal way, not to advertise yourself to someone who doesn’t know you. Get to know the person and their tweets, then reach out to them. You will get more committed followers if you do.
  3. Do give credit where credit is due. When you like a tweet, retweet it with the person @mentioned. Give them the credit. Never take a quote or article and put it out as if it was your own. When you give credit, you establish trust with your followers and they will do the same for you.
  4. Don’t be a troll. Block trolls. Ignore trolls. What is a troll? A troll is a fake or real account that comments on our post with foul language or makes a comment about you or the post that is inflammatory.  Unfortunately there are people out there who create accounts just to be mean. Check your Twitter account regularly for fake accounts and accounts that have never tweeted. It’s important to block or mute them. Twitter should be a safe place to voice your opinion.
  5. Search out Twitter chats and make connections.  Twitter chats have been so valuable to me because I can really connect with people on a professional level. A few of my favorites are #TwitterSmarter, #PeopleSkills, #CustServ, #NostalgicChat, #ImpactMatters, #BlogChat.  The people who host these chats usually host them for an hour, once a week.  You get to know the people who participate. Some of these chats are for professionals to share best tips and practices.  Some are just for fun like #NostalgicChat where you have a topic like “What are your 1980’s video game memories?”
  6. Be grateful.  Always thank people who give you a nice comment on your tweet. If they took the time to comment, you should take the time to thank them.
  7. Follow the right people. Find the experts!  There are so many Twitter experts who give out free information on what ever topic you are curious about.  I started searching with hashtags such as #Leadership #CustomerExperience #CustomerSuccess and I found so much valuable content to read and learn. Look for the tweets from people that resonate with you. Retweet their articles after you read them and give your favorite quote from what you read. They appreciate your effort and will be more likely to retweet your articles.
  8. Be helpful. Share great content. Be available to answer questions quickly. The more you can help others, the more likely others will help you. The more great content you share, the more likely others will see you are providing value. When you answer questions or comments quickly, people will appreciate you and start to engage with you more. Like everyone, they want to know you are a real person.  When I first started tweeting. I created moving pictures of quotes for a CEO that I really liked his inspiration and I could tell he was creating these quotes and they were original. The quotes were so amazing that I had to share them with my followers including a picture that I thought matched the quote in some way. I was attempting to enhance his ideas.  He really liked what I was doing and sent me his books as appreciation for the work I did. We communicate now on a regular basis.  What ever you see that you like, think of how you can help someone or make it better. You might be surprised at the results.
  9. Take a chance an reach out to someone to set up a meeting for coffee or even a virtual chat. The first person I had a meeting with was a Life Coach from Italy. We had such a great conversation that we still meet today.  We exchange ideas and talk about life challenges and victories. I am very grateful for his friendship and his willingness to reach out to me. Since then I have tried to reach out to one person a week to see who would be interested in a coffee chat. You never know if the person you meet could change your life. Don’t miss this opportunity to establish real relationships. They could go viral.

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