Four Key Elements for Prosperous Teamwork and the Incredible Egg


If a business is to be successful, you need to build great teams. As I was taking my eggs out of the fridge to make my favorite vanilla cinnamon french toast, I realized that creating a successful team for a successful business is a lot like the steps in preparing your elements for breakfast.  Bear with me here, I’m on to something.

Know your eggs!

Each person is their own egg.  We come with our own unique shell, our own personal experiences and our own way of seeing the world.  It’s very important for businesses and managers to recognize this.  As managers or business owners, we may try to label our employees and part of this group or that one but in reality, we are all uniquely different. Know your egg and know it well before you form your team!

Pick out the right eggs! 

Strategically pick the eggs that will go together and compliment each other for the project at hand. Be prepared to do some team building exercises to find out which eggs work better together to achieve maximum results. Make sure you don’t have any rotten eggs in the mix.  Rotten eggs are those who don’t see the company vision and are undermining others achievements.  Separate that egg immediately and see if you can work with them to show them how successful teamwork happens.

Carefully break the shell!

Have you ever tried to crack and egg with so much force that it shatters in a million pieces and part of the shell gets into your batter? Not good right? It’s important to remember to gently break someone’s shell or barriers in order to build trust. If your employees build trust with you, they will be more likely to be part of a team.  Hopefully, managers are supported by their company to build trust with their employees.  Successful teams will not work or create the results you want without trust.


Keep whole eggs together! 

No scrambling here.  As the eggs in my bowl swirled around, all in sync, all in one movement, I realized that this is how a team should be. All the eggs are individuals, their yolks are not broken but they are all moving as one big team.  This is the key to successful teams. Keep in mind these several techniques to keep the eggs or your team moving in sync:

  • Communicate openly
  • Engage and debate with respect
  • Learn to commit to decisions and plan of actions
  • Hold one another accountable
  • Focus on achieving collective results

Now! It’s time for breakfast.

Do you have an example of a time were the team fell apart?  What was the reason? I’d love to hear your feedback.